October 10, 2017

Invitation to Press Conference on Segregation of Citizenship in the state of Assam (11 Oct 2017, New Delhi)

Press Invitation

Segregation of Citizenship in the state of Assam

Date/Time: 11 October 2017, Wednesday @2:30 PM.

Venue: Indian Women’s Press Corps (IWPC), Ashoka Road, No:5, Windsor Place, New Delhi.

Dear Media Friends,

National Register of Citizens (NRC) updation process has been started in Assam since 2015 as per prescribed modalities with the fixed time frame under the monitoring of the Supreme Court. The tasks like publication of documents, issue and receipt of application forms have been completed and the process of verification is in progress. By and large this gigantic operation is going on with the target of segregating the citizenship of 48 lakhs Citizens in Assam. These policies are taken as the primary interest of presently ruling BJP led Central and Assam state Government which affects the life of 48 lakhs people in Assam. This operation will lead to a worst crisis in the society in upcoming future.

To address this issue Social Activists and Representatives of Civil Societies will address the Media persons on 11th October at the above mentioned venue.

The Speakers list as follows:

1. Dr. Sandeep Pandey (Social Activist, Uttar Pradesh)

2. Dr. Sunilam Mishra (Social Activist and Ex. MLA, Madhya Pradesh)

3. Faisal Khan (Social Activist, Delhi)

4. Abdul Batin (Lawyer, Assam)

5. Advocate Motiur Rahman (Social Activist, Assam)

We request all to join

Contact: Uma- 9971058735, Inamul - 9092137718