May 28, 2016

Gutsy and brave Rana Ayyub blows the whistle with her under cover investigation on Gujarat - her book 'Gujarat Files: Anatomy of a Cover-Up' released in Delhi to a packed audience

[Fantastic book release of Rana Ayyub's 'Gujarat Files: Anatomy of a Cover-Up'to a jam packed audience at the India Habitat Centre in Delhi on the 27th May 2016. Hundreds were seen standing and or sitting on the floor since there was no room. This is a very important book that people across India should read. Secularist circles in India should celebrate this gutsy journalist with pat on her back for self publishing this breath taking investigation. Bravo Rana, you deserve a medal of honour from the civil society. Hoping people are listening - Editor, Communalism Watch]

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QuickReview: Rana Ayyub's book Gujarat Files is a tale of gritty journalism, with a heart
Somi Das @Somi_Das | 27 May 2016


An Excerpt from Rana Ayyub's "Gujarat Files" - The Caravan

How Rana Ayyub had to become Maithili Tyagi for her investigations in Gujarat - The Scroll

Listen to excerpts on this facebook video:

or the longer recording up at youtube: