August 21, 2019

India: A new battle ground in Sikkim - Guru Dongmar and Guru Nanak

[ . . . ] If devout Sikhs believe that Guru Nanak went to Guru Dongmar, as I do, nothing will ever change that. But my question is, why on earth do we Sikhs need a ‘Gurdwara’ to exist at Guru Dongmar? [ . . . ]

I also have some words for my Sikkimese brethren. Chill out. Nix the ‘I am Gurudongmar’ memes for they are antithetical to the generosity of spirit that truly defines you. There is nothing here to fight about. I actually agree with you that Guru Dongmar should be left as beautiful and pristine as it always has been. By the way, you should be as offended by the idea of building a spanking new monastery there as you might be at the prospect of a shiny marble-clad Gurdwara being built. And as a fairy tale concocted in modern times. [ . . . ]