January 28, 2018

Announcement: Protest against Dima Hasao (Assam) Police Killings (30 Jan 2018, New Delhi)

Protest against Dima Hasao (Assam) Police Killings, 30th January, Assam Bhawan, New Delhi

Protest against Dima Hasao (Assam) Police Killings

2 pm, 30th January, Assam Bhawan, New Delhi

Two people killed in police firing and dozens other critically injured
for protesting against an RSS leader's sensational statement!

We appeal to all democratic and progressive forces in Delhi to join us for a protest against the police killings in Dima Hasao district, Assam outside Assam Bhawan, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi on 30th January (Tuesday), 2 pm.

Delhi Action Committee for Assam (DACA) strongly condemns the brutal attack and police firing at protesters at Maibang in the Dima Hasao district of Assam. The protesters were protesting against the comments made by a prominent RSS activist on the inclusion of parts of the district in Greater Nagalim under the plan which has come to be known as the RSS Draft Plan on Naga Accord. The barbaric attack and police firing led to the death of two people while several others are seriously injured with bullet wounds. In Assam, particularly, there has been a rise in police atrocities against protesters. Since the current BJP government came to power on 24 May 2016, the Maibang firing is the 5th incident where protesters have lost lives in police firing.

At a time when so-called fringe right-wing groups are on a rampage against the release of a fictional film and no serious police actions are taken, these attacks on peaceful protestors are a sign of fascist measures adopted by the government against the genuine concerns of the people.