April 19, 2017

Can Great Britain Discipline Caste Supremacists? (A.K. Biswas)

Caste discrimination is not expressly prohibited under the UK equality legislation, although section 9 of the Equality Act 2010, as amended, requires the government to introduce secondary legislation to make caste an aspect of race, thereby making caste discrimination a form of race discrimination. The Coalition Government initially indicated that this legislation would be introduced in Parliament during the summer of 2015. (House of Commons Publications and Records, The Equality Act 2010: Caste Discrimination, November 21, 2016)
The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron, left for his successor, Theresa May, a festering legacy while demitting the august office. It is caste, an Indian cancer, threatening to invade British society. During the long course of colonial rule, the British in India never ever showed respect or concern for caste. Generally they were more keen to de-fang and kill it. They ridiculed and lambasted caste in various ways. But the migrant Hindus have almost turned their ‘home’ into a fertile ground for caste which can pejoratively be described a passive conquest of Great Britain. Cameron lobbied for the caste supremacists in his campaigns in the run-up to the British general elections of 2015. This underlines that they failed to put down caste even though that it has assumed a monstrous dimension there. Now they have either to defeat the cancer or suffer and live forever with it as an Albatross cross around their necks. If they defeat the cancer, the Dalits in the isle, more populous today than the upper castes, will happily stand by the British in their upright resolve. In 2013, section 9 of the Equality Act 2010 was inserted into the statute book by Parliament to make caste an aspect of race, and caste discrimination, a form of race discrimination. Queen Elizabeth had assented this amendment. The Hindu game-plan now is to derail the reforms.
British Dalits have been campaigning ever since for enforcement of the amended provision of Equality Act 2010 to redress discrimination they routinely face on the soil of UK. The Dalits are at loggerheads there with the Hindus as a result. The Hindus’ strategy seems to deny prevalence of caste in UK and have indulged in a blatantly false propaganda calculated to frustrate the secondary amendment in Parlia-ment. If they succeed, Britain will be the ultimate sufferer. In the comity of nations, the country will be known as the only state under the sun to shelter, harbour, and finally nurse a cancer that is at the root of discrimination, injustice and inequality in the face of fierce and sustained opposition from a section of its citizens. [. . .]

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