February 24, 2017

India: RSS wants Hindutva propaganda book as essential reading for India's foreign envoys

The Tribune, Feb 22, 2017

Book on Hindutva should be made compulsory reading for envoys: RSS

Book on Hindutva should be made compulsory reading for envoys: RSS
RSS joint general secretary Dattatreya Hosabale. File photo
New Delhi, February 22
A book which underlines Hindutva as India’s “character and nationalism” should be made a compulsory reading for the country’s ambassadors, a senior RSS functionary suggested on Wednesday. The government should make compulsory reading of the book, ‘Bharat Ko Samjhne Ki Sharten’ (Conditions to Understand India), so that the envoys can inform the world about India from India’s perspective, RSS joint general secretary Dattatreya Hosabale said.
He termed the book written by Surya Kant Bali, considered close to the RSS, a “holy book” about India’s “actual history”. “Bali in the preface of his book has clearly stated that Hindutva is India’s character and nationalism. He has described this in his book at length also. “I would like to make one suggestion. There are also conditions to represent India. Ambassadors from this country go across the world. Therefore, this book should be translated into English and reading of it made compulsory for them,” he said while releasing the book’s revised edition here. Reading this book will help them understand India better so they can inform the world about India from India’s perspective and not from the Britishers’ perspective which they have been doing so far, Hosabale said. Emphasising on the need for reading the book, the RSS leader said it will help create better understanding of India and its golden history as “people have been kept in the dark by some dominating forces”. “A Europe-based legal system and education system which have dominated the world in the last 300 to 400 years are now established in India also. “There is a need to move away from this system to a system which is based on India’s own ideology and its perspective,” he said. Such a system is required in the current scenario for India’s efficient and better performance in education, economics, politics, trade and administration aspects, he said. — PTI