March 15, 2016

India: Multi-Lingualism Cedes - All Govt forms in Karnataka to be in Kannada only

The Times of India

All government forms in Karnataka to be in Kannada?
Sandeep Moudgal | TNN | Mar 15, 2016, 05.12 AM IST

BENGALURU: All government forms in Karnataka, including the ones for civic amenities, may soon be entirely in Kannada, instead of the current bi/trilingual format.

Kannada Development Authority (KDA) has asked the government to implement Kannada as the official language of administration, and recommended that all applications be in Kannada. "This era of migration is threatening our language. Hence, the move," KDA chairperson Hanumanthaiah said.

Currently, government applications can be filled in Kannada, English or, in some cases, Hindi. Sources said baby steps to implement the suggestion have been taken, with the secretariat insisting that forms be filled in Kannada. If the measure takes full effect, forms to apply for electricity connections as well as ration cards will have to be mandatorily filled in Kannada.