February 15, 2016

India: RSS Wants Universities purged of anti-national elements

The Hindu
Meerut, February 14, 2016

Universities must be purged of anti-national elements: RSS

Mohammad Ali

Dattatreya Hosbale addressing the conclave of RSS workers in Meetut. Photo: Parvez Khan

Rashtriya Sawamyamseval Sangh on Sunday justified the government action against JNU students for allegedly raising 'anti-India' slogans and said that all universities must be purged of all kinds of 'anti-national' elements.

The joint general secretary of the RSS Dattatreya Hosabale emphasised the Yakub Memon's connection and Afzul Guru controversy to students protests in Hyderabad and JNU respectively and branded the students "anti-national". He was addressing a regional conclave of RSS workers in Meerut. The conclave started and ended with the RSS song which repeatedly highlighted the "Hindu" blood, "Sanskriti sabki ek chirantan/khoon ragon me hindu hai (Everyone's culture comes from the same branch. The blood is Hindu)".

"What is happening in Hyderabad university and then in JNU? When the entire country was praying for the Siachen solider some students in JNU were raising slogans against India," Mr. Hosabale said in a tone of surprise and shock.

Referring to alleged support for Afzal Guru purportedly in the JNU campus, the top RSS leader said, "They were supporting and eulogising a person who was executed by the verdict of the top most court of the country. Several soldiers were killed in the attack (Parliament attack in which Guru was convicted)".

When asked if the government decision to charge the JNUSU president with sedition was justified, Mr. Hosabale told The Hindu, "All universities must be purged of all kinds of anti-national elements".

Mr. Hosabale remained mum and left the venue in his car when this correspondent asked him if he would advise the BJP not to form government with the PDP in Jammu and Kashmir as the Mahbuba Mufti led party opposed Afzal Guru's execution.

But he categorically made it clear that "anti-national" activities inside university campuses should not be tolerated. When asked if he supported Delhi Police raid inside the campus and hostels, he said the government should take action against "anti-national" groups.

Reminding Congress of its role in imposing Emergency, Mr. Hosabale attacked Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi who had termed the government action against JNU students as "attack on free speech".

"How can a leader of the party which imposed Emergency talk about attack on freedom of speech," he wondered.