October 08, 2015

India: Kerala teacher stands up against beef ban, faces threats from Hindutva groups

Deepa Nishant, a Malayalam teacher of Sree Kerala Varma College, is now in news for standing up against the beef ban in the college.
Vivek Surendran | New Delhi, October 7, 2015 | UPDATED 16:43 IST

Deepa Nishant, an Assistant Professor in Malayalam department of Sree Kerala Varma College is the most hated person for the ABVP students and their parent right-wing groups in Kerala.

Deepa, who is also a writer, had made a Facebook post supporting the "beef festival" protest organised by the SFI students in her college. She voiced her concerns against the ban of beef inside the college campus, and wrote, "Today they say no to beef equating colleges to temples, tomorrow they will ban the entry of menstruating women and even the backward classes, stating the same reason." She has, however, withdrawn the post now.

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