October 13, 2015

India: Hindus should stop worrying about Muslims and start worrying about themselves, their children, their youth (Apoorvanand)

by Apoorvanand

Hindus need to worry. The Hindus of Dadri, Atali, Trilokpuri, Bawana, Muzaffanagar, Ranchi… the list is getting longer and longer. To make it even more precise, one should probably phrase it like this: Hindus everywhere in the world need to worry, especially after the mass violence in Dadri.

The usual argument against incidents like Dadri is that such violence would give legitimacy to those inciting the Muslim masses to take up terrorism – which would endanger the internal security of India.

In my view, Hindus need not worry about whether this latest instance of violence will fuel anger in Muslim hearts and drive them towards extremism. [ . . . ].