October 31, 2013

India - Muzaffarnagar riots 2013 and aftermath: A list reports and statements by civil society groups, NGO's and womens groups (as on 31 Oct 2013)

1. Muzaffarnagar 2013: Violence by Political Design | Report of an independent fact finding group
[organised by CPA New Delhi, 17 September 2013)

2. The communal fire in Muzaffarnagar - An appeal from Aman Ekta Manch
(18 September 2013)

3. A Human Tragedy Unfolds: View from Muzaffarnagar Relief Camps
A Preliminary Citizens’ Report [20 September 2013]

4. Effective Act against Communal and Targeted Violence Needed | Dr John Dayal’s Statement at National Integration Council
(23 September 2013)

5. Evil Stalks the Land: Fact Finding Report on Muzaffarnagar Riots
by Anhad (24 September 2013)

6. Professor Tripathi’s report from Muzzafarnagar [September 2013]

6.1. Flyers in English and Hindi by Sadbhav Mission

- Build Compassion, Fight Oppression
- Dard Mandi Paida Karo Aur Zulm Se Lado

7. In Aftermath of Riots, Support Sexual Assault Victims | Human Rights Watch (7 October 2013)

8. Report of AIDWA visit to Muzaffarnagar (8 October 2013)

9. 30 days and counting… - The aftermath of violence in Muzaffarnagar & Shamli Districts, Uttar Pradesh | report by Joint Citizens’ Initiative (JCI)[11 October 2013]

10. Muzaffarnagar: Post riot assessment - A report
(15 October 2013)

11. CJP Petition on Muzaffarnagar admitted by Supreme Court, Notice Issued
(17 October 2013)

12. Muzaffarnagar - A case of ’Institutionalised Riot Systems’
presentation by Ajoy Ashirwad Mahaprashasta made during a seminar organised by Delhi Union of Journalists (DUJ) on “Reportage of Sensitive Issues like Muzzaffarnagar Riots, Caste Conflicts and Sexual Assaults against Women”.] [5 October 2013]

13. Hinsa, Sazish, Sangeen aur Shanti - A Report by NAPM (October 2013 / Hindi)

14. Independent inquiry into Muzaffarnagar ‘Riots’: Mohan Rao, Ish Mishra, Pragya Singh, Vikas Bajpai (30 December 2013)

15. Status Report on Condition of Persons living in Riot Relief Camps in Muzaffarnagar and Shamli Districts of Uttar Pradesh by PUDR (6 January 2014)

16. Report of fact finding and assessment – Muzaffarnagar and Shamli districts by Aman Biradari- Centre for Equity Studies (22 January 2014)