September 08, 2013

India: Internet video from Pakistan recycled and used by the Hindutva Right wing in Muzaffanagar, UP

Hindutva site on Facebook hosts a video that sparked the violence in Muzaffarnagar. Independent sources claim that apparently this video of violence in Pakistan in Sialkot in 2010 was recycled and presented as that of recent events in Kawal village near Muzaffarnagar in UP). The original of video on youtube is at: http://youtu.be/76M42nh6nJ0 It seems this fake video have been distributed via mobile phones and CDs to fan the flames of violence.

As the fake video was being used a s tool to whip up sentiments; a call was made to organise a Maha Khap Panchayat of the Jats in UP (The retrograde peasant union from UP called Bharatiya Kisan Union and its leaders Naresh and Rakesh Tikait participated in this call along with BJP MLAs) [See report in The Hindu on presence of BKU and BJP MLAs]

The Hindutva Right wing circuit have learned very fast from the Muslim Right that used doctored images of events in Indonesia as that of anti Muslim violence in Myanmar. [HK for Communalism Watch]