January 12, 2009

Hindutva Terrorists Arrested For Hubli Court Bombing

Associates of one of Karnataka's chief promoters of Hindu terrorism, Pramod Mutalik-Desai, have been arrested and exposed for perpetrating the Hubli Court Bombing and other terrorist crimes. It is obvious that these men were merely following specific directions of Mutalik-Desai; it is equally obvious that Mutalik-Desai is merely a front for the BJP and that Chief Minister Bokanakere Siddalingappa Yeddyurappa and Home (Interior) Minister V.S. Acharya, a rabid apologist for Hindu terrorism, are Mutalik-Desai's directors and are complicit in these crimes. For context, see how Indianist terrorists against Goa had operated in 1954: http://www.geocities.com/indianphilately/chapter49b.htm



The Karnataka police on Sunday claimed they solved last year's mysterious Hubli Court bombing case with the arrest of a man and his aides allegedly involved in several criminal activities.

Northern Range Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mr. Raghvendra Auradkar informed the press in a conference on Sunday in Hubli that the Hubli Court bombing of May 2008 was triggered by a desperate criminal Nagraj Jambagi who wanted to kill a senior member of the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI). Nine Hindu terrorists including Nagaraj Holi-Basappa Jambagi, personal secretary to the Hindu terrorist Pramod Mutalik-Desai, were arrested in Bagalkot by the Naunagar police.

While Auradkar refused to elaborate on the affiliations of these gang members, sources in the police told the New Indian Express (http://www.expressbuzz.com) that Jambagi belongs to a Hindu terrorist outfit, the Shri Rama Sena or Shreerama Sene, active in Karnataka.

Moreover, sources claimed that the arrested terrorists were earlier activists of the Bajrang Dal who later joined the Shreerama Sene.

Pramod Mutalik-Desai is the former Convener of the South India Unit of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and of the Bajrang Dal, the principal terrorist paramilitary of the ruling BJP. He was dismissed 2005-06 following inflammatory speeches made by him on the Baba Budan Giri issue and is presently the founder and National President of the Rashtriya Hindu Sena and of the Shreerama Sene, two Hindu terrorist paramilitaries, part of the Sangh Parivar, active in Karnataka. Mutalik-Desai had recently affiliated with the Shiv Sena of Bal Thackeray, who is an open admirer of Adolf Hitler, and who, like Mutalik-Desai, advocates that India copy Hitler's 'final solution' for the Muslim and other minorities.

Mutalik-Desai also leads an agitation pretending that Goa's Anjediva Island, presently illegally occupied by the Indian Navy, and the site of an ancient and revered shrine to St. Francis of Assisi, is the site of an imaginary shrine of an 'Aryadurga Devi,' the name Anjediva allegedly being the 'corruption' of this modern-day invented 'goddess.' As part of this ploy, the Indian Navy has violated its promise and in the name of alleged parity, banned Christian pilgrims from Anjediva Island since the last fifteen-to-twenty years.

It may be recalled that a bomb exploded in the Hubli court during the Assembly elections. After the blast, the BJP had taken up the issue of alleged Muslim terrorism in a big way and asked for votes in their favor, promising strong action to curb this 'growing trend,' with the result that the BJP came to power in Karnataka. It should also be noted that some days after the blast some organizations claimed the BJP was behind this blast.

As usual, shortly after the bombing, the media said that Muslim terrorists belonging to the SIMI and Lashkar-e-Taiba were behind this bombing. Even the police had arrested some Muslim students on motorcycle-theft cases saying that they were involved in this bombing.

But just as in the Malegaon, Nanded and Mecca Mosque (Hyderabad) bombings, the alleged Muslim links were proven false, and once again Hindu terrorist outfits have been proven to be the perpetrators.

The police have now proven that these charges are true - that it was the BJP's own, Pramod Mutalik-Desai's terrorists who were responsible for these acts of terrorism.

Mutalik-Desai's Shreerama Sene terrorist group was one group that publicly claimed credit for the terrorist attacks and desecrations of Christian churches, schools and convents and thereafter for the attacks on protesting Christian youth, women and children by invading Christian properties, resulting in Christians taking to blocking the streets in protest against police complicity and inaction against the terrorists.

Mutalik-Desai's men are already on the police radar. Recently Bangalore witnessed sectarian strife after some unidentified persons threw pig's heads into two mosques in Hebbal and J.C. Nagar. Following this, the police arrested three persons belonging to Mutalik's outfits on charges of throwing the pig's heads into the mosques. Mutalik-Desai admits that his men were arrested for the alleged crime, but, adds that his men were falsely framed in the case by the Deputy Commissioner of Police Bangalore North Syed Ulfath Hussein and Shivajinagar MLA R. Roshan Baig to discredit the BJP government. Reacting to this, a senior police officer said, "Mutalik-Desai believes in the theory that offence is the best form of defence. Our police have arrested Mutalik-Desai's men after procuring sufficient evidence."

A year ago Pramod Mutalik-Desai had said, "We have given a list of suspect Muslims to the Hubli police. It is unfortunate that they have arrested only one person. If the police do not immediately arrest the rest of the people on our list, we will take up widespread protests."

The question now is: Will the Karnataka police, under V.S. Acharya, an open sympathizer and apologist of Hindu terrorism, take severe action against Pramod Mutalik-Desai and the Shreerama Sene?

Auradkar said Nagraj Jambagi and his aides were involved in the blast case which occurred in the court premises during the last Assembly polls. No person was injured as the courts were shut due to a holiday.

Auradkar also said that all the accused are involved in the May 2008 Hubli Court bombing along with many other crimes including murder, kidnap and looting etc. Police have also seized live bombs, gun powder, lethal weapons, Rs 11.08 lakh in cash, gold, silver and two motorbikes from them.

He said that the arrested have been identified as Nagaraj Jambagi (24), a resident of Heggur Plot in Bilagi taluk; Ramesh Pawar (24), Basavaraj Diggi (22), Manjunath Binjawadagi (19), Deepak Govindakar (28), Lingaraj Jalgar (24) - all from Bagalkot; Basavaraj Rugi (20) of Honakuppi village in Gokak taluk; Hanamanth Sainasakali (22), and Channabasappa Hunasagi (35) of Indi taluk in Bijapur.

He also said that they were involved in seven murders in North Karnataka and several cases of abduction. They were also involved in the theft of many motorcycles.

He also said that the accused had planted bombs at the Hubli Court premises on May 10, 2008, targeting rival gangsters belonging to the SIMI (Students' Islamic Movement of India) and also targeting the police force.

Auradkar said the same terrorists had planted three live bombs near a bridge at Seegihalli near Dharwad on National Highway 4 to target prominent people. However, due to rains, the bombs were washed away and a major tragedy was averted, he added.

Jambagi has reportedly confessed to having kidnapped Naveen, a boy from Dharwad and the grandson of Bagalkot MLA Veeranna Charantimath on October 17, 2008, and a host of other prominent persons of Bagalkot to extract money. Jambagi also attempted to assassinate former minister and Gokak MLA Satish Jarkiholi and his brother Ramesh Jarkiholi. Another target is Union Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav.