February 12, 2024

Joint statement and appeal from Uttarakhand's public organizations, intellectuals, and citizens

The incident happened in Haldwani on 8 February is worrisome, condemnable and sad. We extend our condolences to all the dead and injured and demand appropriate compensation for them. We request the people of Haldwani, Uttarakhand and country to keep peace. We condemn all forms of violence and want fair legal action to be taken. Any resistance should be in the realm of law and constitution.
At this critical time we would also request the administration that no action should be against constitutional values.
- This incident shows the negligence, haste and biased approach of the administration is clearly visible. The use of communal language is seen in the statements of the administration. When allegedly made illegal mosque and madrassa were sealed and the case was to be heard in court on 14 February then what was the need for demolition of preparation without hurry? So the District Collector and Senior Superintendent of Police should be immediately transferred and judicial investigation of this incident by a High Court judge.
- It is also necessary to keep in mind that Uttarakhand government is not taking fair legal action against continuous crowd violence and hate propaganda since 2017 till date. State citizens, public organizations, opposition parties and senior intellectuals to Supreme Court lawyers and former generals of the army. When the government's steps are not fair, the resonance for anti-social elements increases. Therefore constantly voices raised that ruling forces promoting hate, communal and violent events for political gain increases threats to social harmony and the rule of law. So in 2018 and beyond, the Supreme Court should strictly implement the decisions on hate propaganda and violence should be taken at war level.
- We are constantly saying that the "Remove Encroachment Campaign" shows an eagerness and bias. Dozens of sabotage incidents have occurred over the past one year without giving notice, while we believe no one should be homeless without rehabilitation first and any such action should be legally, with sensitivity after adequate hearing. Lakhs of people are living on Najul land in Uttarakhand. Haldwani also has a large population on Nazul land, including people who believe in all religions. The public is demanding that the people living on Najul land should be given the right to ownership. For this, the state government has also sent a proposal to the Center. Despite this hurrying on encroachment matters is beyond comprehension. For the long time state government is homelessing common man in the name of remove encroachment campaign, destroying forest land, najul land and other places. The government is advancing its communal agenda in the name of remove encroachment campaign. This should be banned immediately.
Don't hate, give employment!
The contractor,
Rajiv Lochan Sah, President, Uttarakhand Lok Channel
Naresh Nodiyal, General Secretary, Uttarakhand Transformation Party
Tarun Joshi, Van Panchayat Sangharsh March
Bhuwan Pathak and Shankar Dutt, Goodwill Committee Uttarakhand
Shankar Gopal and Vinod Badoni, consciousness movement
Islam Hussain, Sarvoday Mandal, Uttarakhand
Lalit Upreti and Munish Kumar, Samajwadi Lok Forum
Trilochan Bhatt, independent journalist
Diamond Jungwater, Women Farmers Rights Forum