May 09, 2018

India: ‘. . Beat Up Girls Who Drink & Dance in Pubs’: says Vishwa Hindu Parishad Leader in Mangalore

The Quint

In an interview to The Quint, Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s Secretary in Mangalore, Sharan Pumpwell, said, “If someone beats up girls who are dancing and drinking in pubs, then he is doing a good job. There is nothing wrong in doing that.”
Pumpwell, who is a former Bajrang Dal leader and is currently campaigning for the BJP in coastal Karnataka, went on to say, “If a young girl goes to a pub, she will dance and drink there, she will do drugs. There is a sex mafia in these pubs too. Can we just sit quiet and watch? Mangalore is a cultural place, with good sanskriti. That is why the youth want to put an end to such things.”
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