April 10, 2018

India- Kashmir: Local muslims face coninued social boycott from the majority Buddhist community since 2012

 Six Years On, 'Social Boycott' of Minority Community in Zanskar Continues
The small Muslim community in Zanskar alleges they’ve been facing a social boycott from the majority Buddhist community since 2012, which has crippled their livelihood.
Srinagar: About 450 kms from Srinagar, the Muslim minority community of about 600 people in Zanskar division of Kargil district, Leh region, has been facing a “social boycott” from the majority Buddhist community, which makes up over 95% of the population in the sub-division, for nearly six years. Local people from the minority community alleged that the Zanskar Buddhist Association (ZBA) has enforced this “social boycott” after four Buddhist families, comprising of 22 members, converted to Islam in October 2012.