December 08, 2017

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Newsletter of All India Secular Forum Volume. 12 No.12 December 2017 C O N T E N T S Editorial 1. Forum News - Asghar Ali Engineer Memorial Lecture by Prof. Akeel Bilgrami 2. Rani Padmini: A Classic Case of How Lore was Inserted into History 3. Petition - Fighting communalism and discrimination 4. -मुस्लिम एकता बरक़रार रखने के ख़ातिर निकलेगी ‘सांझी विरासत यात्रा’ 5. Justice Loya’s Death: 13 Questions - Letter to Hon. Chief Justice of India from Admiral Ramdas 6. Poem on Communal Harmony by K.P. Sasi 7. Symptoms of Fascism 8. Interview - Muslim must stay out of politics as it helps Modi polarize society – Says J.S. Bandukwala - Shyan Benegal on the Padmavati controvercy 9. Resources - Justice Loya’s Death: Wire Video - New book on Communalism ----- - -------------------------------- Ph. 022-26149668, 022-26135098 E-mail: csss2work@gmail.com Editor: Ram Puniyani, ram.puniyani@gmail.com, www.pluralindia.com Advisory Board: L.S. Hardenia, Irfan Engineer, Dhirendra Panda, Mohammad Arif. -- From the Editor’s Desk This year is the 25th Year since the Babri mosque was demolished. The Kar Seva, which led to the demolition, was well planned. Since then the cases of criminal conspiracy against BJP leaders, Advani, Joshi and Uma Bharati among others are pending in the Supreme Court. The major case pending in the Court relates to the title dispute of the land where the mosque was located. The Allahabad Court verdict opined that the land should be divided into three, one to Sunni Waqf Board, one to Ram Lalla Virajman and one part to Nirmohi Akhada. The stay on the verdict was brought from the Supreme Court, which is to hear the case soon. Meanwhile Sri Sri Ravishanker, the Hindu Holy seer began his negotiations to bring the peaceful settlement. Not much is heard about it after a brief flash. Meanwhile the RSS Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat asserted that only Ram Temple will be built in Ayodhya. This is an attempt to influence the Court decision. Meanwhile prominent Citizens, through ‘Citizens for Justice and Peace’ have submitted a petition and expressed the wish to intervene. They are asking for a non religious structure for social use at the site to prevent the further continuation of conflict. This seems to be a welcome development, one hopes Supreme Court will take due cognizance of the same. The petition is online and friends are requested to sign the same to ensure a path of amity and peace. Justice Loya’s death three years ago is mired in mystery. Caravan Magazine carried a story by Niranjan Takle, who has investigated the circumstances in which Justice Loya died. We also carry the letter from Admiral (Retd) Ramdas to the Chief Justice of India, requesting for a total investigation of the case. Hope the case is investigated properly. Ram Puniyani (Editor) Link http://www.csss-isla.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/SAN-December-2017-New1.pdf