October 11, 2017

India: Fatwa by Darul-Uloom Deoband prohibits women from cutting hair

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Darul-Uloom prohibits women from cutting hair, issues fatwa

The order has described it as un-Islamic.

Rajat Rai
| Posted by Amit Vasudev
Lucknow, October 8, 2017


1 Darul-Uloom has termed hair cutting and eyebrow threading illegitimate.
2 The body issued a fatwa in this regard.
3 Muslim clerics have more or less justified the fatwa.

The Darul-Uloom Deoband has termed hair cutting and eyebrow threading by Muslim women as illegitimate. The body issued a fatwa in this regard on Saturday. Maulana Lutfurrehman Sadiq Qasmi of the fatwa department has maintained that such fatwa should have been issued a long time ago. The Islamic University from Saharanpur issued the order after a person had questioned the fatwa department in this regard a few months ago and in reply to his query, the fatwa was issued.

Issuing the fatwa, the department has said that Islam does not permit hair cut and eye-brow threading and if a woman does this, it is against Islam. "This is included in the list of ten prohibitions for women, because hair is considered the beauty if women. It could only be done when there is an emergency and without this, it is illegal", Kasmi said.

"Visiting beauty parlors has become a tradition for (Muslim) women and they are frequently taking their services. This is against Islam and should be prohibited." "Hair cutting and eye-brow threading is illegal for women as it is illegal for men to shave or trim beards", he added. A similar fatwah was also issued about three years ago.

Meanwhile, Muslim clerics have more or less justified the fatwa, saying, "It could not be termered it as un-Islamic, but whatever Muslim women do to enhance their beauty should not be displayed publicly. It should only be limited to their husbands", Maulana Kalbe Jawad, Imam Asifi Masjid and member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) told Mail Today.

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