July 03, 2017

RSS Gay Wing Launches New Pride Flag for India - Excerpts from a satirical Post on Gaylaxy

GayLaxy Mag - 3 June 2017

by Sukhdeep Singh

Flag designed by: Saurabh Glenn
Rashtriya Samlaingik Sangh (RSS(G)), the newly launched gay wing of RSS (Rashtriya Swamayasevak Sangh), held celebrations in Delhi to mark the historic judgement of Delhi High Court on 2nd July 2009. The Samlaingink Sangh also launched a new pride flag for India, which they claimed reflected Indian and Hindu ethos.
The new Indian pride flag has the picture of a cow inside a heart on the rainbow flag and was launched by Baba Ramdev, who was a special invitee for the event. Speaking at the importance of the new rainbow flag, Adarsh Kavi,  President of the Rashtriya Samlaingik Sangh, said: “The current pride flag with its six colours is a very western thing and does not represent our Hindu ethos properly. Black gay people in the US also came up with a new pride flag with black and brown strips added to the flag for greater inclusion of people of color in the LGBTQ community. That is when it struck us that we should come up with an Indian version of the pride flag.” On being asked why the flag then has a Cow in it, Mr. Kavi explained, “Cow is our mother. We have huge sentiments attached to Gau Mata. Gay people will only get respect in the Indian society if they too worship cow. This new flag represents the sentiments of all Indians.”

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A Sanskari Homo wearing the ideal dress at Mumbai Pride 2017 (Picture credit: Faraz Ansari)

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