July 06, 2017

India: Saffron Gamcha is New Dressing Fad in UP of Adityanath

The Wire

Adityanath’s Saffron Gamcha is New Power Dressing Accessory in UP

By Khabar Lahariya on 05/07/2017

The streets of Banda and Mahoba in Bundelkhand are being taken over by a new fashion fad.

With a mahant sitting tight on the state’s most powerful seat of governance, Uttar Pradesh is being taken over by a new fashion fad, ruled by 50 shades of orange. No longer is saffron merely something you sprinkle on your sevaiyan on Eid – you make sure you wear it wrapped around your head.

Ever since Adityanath was appointed the chief minister of the country’s most populous state, there has been a definite rise in the popularity of the colour associated with him… After all, he is never seen in public without being swathed in his signature saffron robes. And when you equate power and identity so closely with a colour, it follows that it gets embedded into the very cultural zeitgeist.[. . .]

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