June 15, 2017

India: Inauguration Sabka Ghar (Dedicated to all those killed in the name of Religion/Caste/Gender and Boundaries) on 17th June 2017

Dear Friends,

The powerful forces that control capital - at the national and international both levels - need to keep the people divided so that their societal dominance and control over the resources remain unchallenged and their profits are maximized. To this end, these forces use all sorts of tactics that help divide the people - be it in the name of religion, region, caste, language, gender, profession or whatever.

The reactionary forces make all attempts to hide the basic issue of equitable distribution of the societal produce and try to propagate not only self-centered and isolationist attitude but also negativity, hatred and violence - and that too in the name of 'nation'! They want people not to have empathy and respect and value for the human life. The divisive forces are furthering societal violence - overtly through mob violence as well as covertly through their policies.

These destructive forces can be countered only through humane ideology and practice that tries to take due cognizance of the interaction and evolution of all major societal processes - because in the ultimate all these are manifestations of the unjust capitalist social order that is increasingly adopting authoritarian or fascist practices as it is unable to manage societal contradictions without resorting to these tactics.

For the pro-people forces there is no option but to organize the people from all walks of life, develop the culture of resistance, and not only resist the advancement of capitalist-fascist forces but reverse the direction of societal movement towards a humane, equitable and just society, where everyone - without any distinction of caste, class, region, religion, gender or any other criterion - gets the opportunity to realize ones potential.

In Sabka Ghar we will invite youths across the country to spend time from three days to one month to learn the below mention values and concepts.

Khudai Khidmatgar feels happy to invite you to the inauguration of SABKA GHAR

(Dedicated to all those Killed in the name of Religion/Caste/Gender and Boundaries)

Khudai Khidmatgar wishes to spread the ideas and values of

1- De-Communalistaion through a practical way of living togetherness

2. Love NOT Hatred

3. Co-operation NOT Competition

4. Empathy NOT Insensitivity

5. Concern for others NOT Self-aggrandizement

6. Simplicity NOT Ostentation

7. Inclusiveness NOT Exclusivity

8. Democracy NOT Mobocracy

9. Accommodation for divergent views NOT Intolerance for peaceful diversity

Inauguration :by Justice Rajendar Sacchar ji
Special Guests ::
Humra Quraishi-Writer, columnist and journalist
Kumar Prashant -President Gandhi Peace Foundation
Dr Raghav Sharma- Assistant Professor, Jindal School of International Affairs
Prof Atiya Habeeb Kidwai -Former Professor at JNU
Prof V.K. Tripathi - Sadhbhav Mission
Venue: 24/84 Lane -1, Ghaffar Manzil, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi
Date, Time:Saturday -17th June 2017, 5.30 pm

Contact: 9999746196-9990473885-9808068062