June 21, 2017

India: A convention of Hindu fundamentalists held in Goa calls for abolition of democracy and for establishing a Hindu theocratic state

O Herald [Goa]

Hindu convention calls for abolition of democracy
15 Jun 2017 

Says Hindu nation is the only remedy to all problems
Team Herald

PONDA: A convention of Hindu fundamentalists on Wednesday called for abolition of the Indian democracy and establishment of a Hindu nation. 
The convention, the sixth of its nature, is being held at Vidyadhiraj meeting hall of Ramnath Temple, Ponda, on the topic “Need for unity of Hindu community and Saints for establishing the Hindu Nation.” 
Calling the present system as a “pseudo democracy imposed by the British”, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti national spokesperson Ramesh Shinde said that prior to the arrival of the Muslim invaders and the British, India was a capable Hindu nation. However, he implied, the Muslim invasion and the British rule crippled the country therefore, he said, “we are making the blue print of removing the pseudo democracy imposed on us by the British.”
Resenting that they are “being ridiculed as a fringe organisation” for their effort at uniting Hindus and Hindu organisations at the national level, he lamented, “Today, there is no ban on those who give the slogan ‘O’ India, you will break up.” Instead, he said, there is a demand to ban the All India Hindu Convention that is propagating the establishment of the Hindu Nation through democratic means.
Sanatan preacher Sadhwi Saraswati, speaking at the inaugural session of the convention, emphasised that Hindus abjure violence and that “There is no such thing as saffron terrorism. Saffron means dedicated life for the Nation and Dharma.”
Claiming that there are demands for banning Sanatan and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, Sadhwi Saraswati warned that any such ban would be counterproductive because, she said, “If a ban was imposed on Sanatan or Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, several Sanatans will grow out of them.”
Yati Ma Chetananand Saraswati, another speaker, appealed to Hindus to display bravery to protect Hindu Dharma as, “Today, several assaults are taking place on the Hindu Dharma.”
Dr Charudatta Pingale, the national guide of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, claimed that the Indian Constitution is discriminatory towards the Hindus and that they are denied justice under the present democratic system. Therefore, he said, “Hindu Nation is the only remedy (to all the problems faced by the Hindus). Establishing the Hindu Nation is not merely a thought for us, it is a Holy observance.”
The Convention is being attended by more than 538 representatives of more than 132 Hindu organisations from 21 States, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.