May 28, 2017

India: 7 men of Vishwa Hindu Parishad held for setting Banjara man’s truck ablaze in Bhilwara

The Times of India

7 VHP men held for setting Banjara man’s truck ablaze in Bhilwara

TNN | Updated: May 27, 2017, 11.34 AM IST

JAIPUR: Seven men of Vishwa Hindu Parishad were reportedly arrested for settling ablaze a truck in Bhilwara late Wednesday. In an FIR registered at Kachhola thana of Bhilwara on Thursday, truck owner Chandu Nadawat, of traditionally nomadic Banjara community, said his driver and a helper had loaded six oxen which were to be taken to farms in Bhilwara from their home in Rajsamand . Soon as they left with the oxen at around 10.30 pm on Wednesday, a large crowd stopped them near toll plaza and questioned about their whereabouts.

Nadawat told TOI that the men had demanded Rs 5,000 to allow his driver to cart the oxen safely. When his driver pleaded to not having that much money and refused to pay, the men got incited. The driver and helper then attempted to ride off, but were slowed down as the vehicle got stuck in a ditch. A large crowd then gathered at the spot and unloaded all six animals. The driver and helper were beaten up, and they somehow managed to escape into bushes nearby under the cover of darkness.

In the FIR, complainant states that the men, while unloading the animals, called each other Mohan, Nandlal, Ramlal, Bhagchand, Sanwarlal, Prabhu, Naresh, Lokesh and Dinesh.

Mahaveer Meena, the police officer who has been appointed as investigating officer in this case, did not answer TOI's phone call.

Narpat Singh Shekhawat of Vishwa Hindu Parishad said, "Those transporting animals often do it without any legal documents. It is our effort to save animals." Asked about why VHP did not trust law enforcing agencies to do whatever was necessary to prevent illegal ferry or slaughter of cattle, Shekhawat said he would find out details of this case and abruptly cut the conversation.

Nadawat told TOI he was threatened with death even as he took a complaint to police. "Seven of the VHP men had been arrested. A crowd gathered at the police station seeking their release. Policemen had to rush me into the thana to keep the crowd from letting their ire loose on me."

Director General of Police Manoj Bhatt also did not respond to TOI's call.