April 09, 2017

NDTV discussions on cow vigilantism & violence

 Truth vs Hype: The Gau Rakshak Deception 24:40 
So-called cow vigilantes have struck again, killing one man in Rajasthan and wounding several more. Gau Rakshak violence is not new, but what is changed is that the ideology they use to justify their violence - the idea of the "cow in peril" - is being amplified by the BJP at its highest level. Senior leaders and chief ministers of the ruling party keep the "cow under threat" rhetoric alive, through statements and policies. But as we uncover this week, these claims are not grounded in facts, nor in ideology, and yet they are being used again and again, regardless of consequences.

Is Mob Vigilantism On The Rise?

PUBLISHED ON: April 8, 2017 | Duration: 50 min, 34 sec
Of late we have been noticing instances where either the law is being subverted or mobs taking the law into their own hands. From an unruly Shiv Sena MP beating up an Air India staffer following an altercation to vigilantes beating to death a person in Alwar, Rajasthan for transporting cows, are we seeing a rise in vigilantism? To make matters worse after banning Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad from flying with Air India the Ministry of Civil Aviation has buckled under pressure and revoked the ban while three people, accused for beating to death a man in Alwar for transporting cows, are still at large. Are we becoming a nation of law breakers where VVIPs, vigilantes can get away by subverting the law? Is it time for PM Narendra Modi to rein in the fringe?