April 05, 2017

India: BJP Advised TO Steer Clear Of All Anti-Fish Propaganda in West Bengal

If The BJP Wants To Be The Big Fish In The Bengal Pond, It Should Steer Clear Of All Anti-Fish Propaganda

Very fishy.

04/04/2017 6:01 PM IST
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All India Fish Protection Committee has surfaced on social media to protect fish  ....

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Not even the most militant vegetarian crusader can be planning to ambush Bengali gentlemen with their famous grubby striped nylon (and thus easily washable) maachher tholi (fish shopping bag) in order to see if there is anything fishy inside. I cannot imagine the fish crusaders setting foot in the smelly fish market where the floors are wet and covered with silvery scales and fish guts, and the huge bontis stained with the dripping blood of giant rohu and katla fish. [. . .]