March 12, 2017

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Newsletter of All India Secular Forum Volume. 12 No.3 March 2017 C O N T E N T S Editorial From the Editor’s Desk The open and intimidating interference in the university campus has been the major part of the strategy of RSS combine since Modi Sarkar has come to power. After IIT Madras, Hyderabad Central University, JNU, now Delhi University is the target. On the pretext that Umar Khalid, has been invited for a Seminar; ABVP went on rampage in DU; this led to violence in the campus. The additional factor which has revealed the nature of their offensive is the way Harmehar Kaur, the daughter of a martyr, has been trolled for standing up for peace and liberal values, for opposing the high handed tactics of ABVP in the campus. In response to her face book post, right from Kiran Rijuju the minister, to top cricketer Virendra Sehvag and hoard of others descended to criticize the young student. She received series of threats on the social media, including murder and rape. How women are made a special target for dissent became obvious in this case. We carry two memorandums on the issue of violation of Academic freedom through violence on the campuses. One young poet Hussain Hydri came out with a touching poem on being a Hindustani Muslim. This was broadcast on the national TV. It showed the dilemmas, multiple identities and problems faced by a Muslim. It touched the hearts of all sensitive souls. On the back of this three other Muslim poets came out with their anguish of being an Indian Muslim. All their pains, sufferings, the treatment being meted out to them in society, the attitude of state, their being targeted as the culprits in blast cases, their marginalization in society, the biases prevalent against them are reflected in these poems. Needs lot of introspection! Ram Puniyani Contents 1. Forum News -Launch of App. Unite India 2. CSSS News - Observation of National Youth Day - Public Meeting on the occasion of Martyr’s Day 3. Articles - वैलेंटाइन डे और अन्य बातें - डिकोडिंग “रईस” 4. For Peace and Harmony - Temple in Kerala allows Jamat-e-Islami to use its compound for function 5. Peace March by Khudai Khidmatgar 6. NSI statement on unleashing of ABVP violence in Delhi University 7. Report on Atrocities 8. Global Terror - Data on terror attacks in USA highlights killings by far right groups 9. Poem - Indian Muslim - Miya hum bhi Hindustani Musalman hai - I am not your Hindustani Musalmaan 10. Interview - Modi comibines Savarkar and neoliberalism 11. Resources -------------------------------- Ph. 022-26149668, 022-26135098 E-mail: csss2work@gmail.com Editor: Ram Puniyani, ram.puniyani@gmail.com, www.pluralindia.com Advisory Board: L.S. Hardenia, Irfan Engineer, Dhirendra Panda, Mohammad Arif. Link http://www.csss-isla.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/SAN-March-2017-New1.pdf