March 30, 2017

RSS must discard its anti-democratic-secular India agenda -The Indian Express, March 30, 2017

from Shamsul Islam
Rakesh Sinha who is fond of describing himself as 'ideologue' of RSS wrote a piece ‘Of swayamsevaks and intellectuals’ (The Indian Express, March 24, 2017, http://indianexpress.com/article/opinion/columns/rss-of-swayamsevaks-and-intellectuals-hindu-mahasabha-anti-national-muslim-league-4582724/). This 'ideologue' of the RSS wants Indians 'to decolonize' their minds in order to understand the role of RSS in the freedom struggle, all-inclusive India, not forcing uniformity, Hindu-Muslim unity and respect for India. These claims are part of double/triple speak of RSS and not proved by the deeds and ideas of RSS since its inception in 1925.My response appeared in The Indian Express, March 30, 2017. Link: http://indianexpress.com/article/blogs/rss-rashtriya-swayamsevak-sangh-need-to-be-indianised-4590377/