February 10, 2017

Monthly Newsletter: SAN : Feb 2017

Newsletter of All India Secular Volume. 12 No.2 February 2017 C O N T E N T S Editorial 1. CSSS News -Report of 8th Asghar Ali Engineer Memorial Lecture on ‘Ambedkar and Democracy’ by Christophe Jaffrelot - Cultural Evening “Sant Vani” 2. Article - न मूर्तियों से गोडसे जिंदा होंगे, न गोलियों से गांधी मर सकते हैं 3. Happenings - प्रेस नोट- संघ के हिन्दू सम्मलेन पर सजप/श्रआंस ने उठाए सवाल 4. UP Elections - इस चुनाव में उत्तर प्रदेश की जनता के हाथ में एक सुनहरा मौक़ा 5. State Targeting Teesta Setalvad - तीस्ता सीतलवाड़ के खिलाफ फिर मीडिया ट्रायल - बदला लेने के लिए चलाई जा रही नफरत की आंधी 6. Dalit journalist from Gujarat returns award over anti-Dalit policies of state government 7. Interview - We Can’t think of society as similar to the market: Pankaj Mishra 8. Resources - Mehdi Hasan debates at University of Oxford - Nalini Rajan’s Graphic Novel ‘Story of Secularism’ - Youtublink – Lecture on Indian nationalism versus Hindu Nationalism by Ram Puniyani -------------------------------- Ph. 022-26149668, 022-26135098 E-mail: csss2work@gmail.com Editor: Ram Puniyani, ram.puniyani@gmail.com, www.pluralindia.com — From the Editor’s Desk The forthcoming UP Elections are yet again showing as to how communal forces resort to ‘hate speech’ to polarize the communities for the sake of electoral advantage. The BJP Manifesto talks of ‘Sampoorna Hindu Samaj’, and its different spokespersons have been invoking the distorted presentation of violence. Yogi Adityanath, the BJP MP is talking about ‘remember riots and rapes’ before voting. Another BJP MLA has circulated the CD of Muzzafarnagar violence. The mass displacement of Muslims in the aftermath of Muzzafarnagar violence has been put on its head and ‘exodus of Hindus’ from Kairana is being used as a polarizing point. Some of them are going to the extent of saying that Western UP is being converted in to Kashmir where Hindus are being made to leave. The issue of internal migration is a painful aftermath of the violence and lakhs of Muslims have been displaced all over the country but this is the first time that the same issue is being brought forward in an upside down manner. As usual Ram Mandir and triple talaq issues are also being made use of. How will the Supreme Court respond to this, in the light of its judgment that ‘Electoral process’ is a secular activity? In this issue we carry the excerpt from Teesta Swetalbad’s book, ‘Foot Soldier of Constitution’. It is a remarkable book from the brave fighter for the values of Indian Constitution. The travails of Teesta who has taken up numerous issues related to preservation of democratic rights needs to be saluted. These excerpts give an insight of the processes which have been unleashed to undermine the rule of law for the goal of Hindu Rashtra. Also we are carrying the report of Asghar Ali memorial Lecture, delivered by Christophe Jaffrelot, on the crucial topic of ‘Ambedkar and Democracy’. Ram Puniyani (Editor) — http://www.csss-isla.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/SAN-February-2017-New1.pdf