February 13, 2017

India - 2017 Assembly Elections: Appeal of Citizens For Democracy to UP electorates

Appeal  of Citizens For Democracy to UP electorates
 Your state is in the midst of an important election of our time. The forces of communalism and authoritarianism are at work to destabilize the country and destroy the secular fabric of the country. If these forces led by Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh and Bhariya Janata Party win the  elections, they will be emboldened to take such steps which may grievously injure the Indian democracy.
 The Citizens for Democracy, which was founded by esteemed Jaipraksah Narayan and led by late Justice VM Tarkunde in a recent meeting presided over by eminent journalist Kuldip Nayar and attended by Justice Rajinder Sachar, Professor Arun Kumar and journalist Shastri Ramchandran observed that kind of politics being practiced in Uttar Pradesh is the extension of what is being done at the centre. The BJP-led government has been systemically destroying democratic institutions by such steps like abolition of Planning Commission, appointment of RSS activists at premier academic institutions, enactment of  anti-workers’ legislations and encouragement of anti-minority discourse on issues like cow-protection and triple talaq.
The BJP has not made it secret of advancing its communal agenda  by giving tickets to those who are facing criminal charges in cases of violence against minorities.
The meeting observed that recent steps of the governments also points to a grave political situation leading to fascism. The meeting resolved that demonetization of the old currency notes of  rupees 500 and 1000 value was  taken resort  to flouting all rules of procedure resulting into large scale of loss of jobs and immense economic hardship  to vast sections of poor and marginalized sections.  It is obvious to all that this decision was the figment of imagination of one man. Corruption and black market continue to grow.   The so called ‘surgical strikes’  have failed to achieve the professed objectives.  The Prime Minister appears to have no qualm in replacing the image of the Father of the Nation with his own image in Khadi calendars. The chief of the Army has been appointed by passing the time- honored rule of seniority to suit the design of the ruling  dispensation. The Prime Minister has been repeatedly   voicing his desire to amend electoral laws so that elections to the States and the Centre could be held simultaneously, a dangerous move, to which there seems to be no response.   Principles of secularism are ridiculed and rabid Hindu outfits  are  marching  with more determination to achieve their objective of imposing  an  Hindu Rashtra on the people.  Minorities and dalits are living under fear.  Many other dark clouds seem to be in the offing.  There appears to be no one in the ruling party to have the courage to stand up and  point out  to the Prime Minister that his whims and fancies are in contrast to the democratic ethos of  the Indian  Constitution.  
 The CFD  appeals to the people of Uttar Pradesh to vote against such forces so that the country could be saved from the imminent disaster.