October 16, 2016

India: Vrindavan ‘Nastik Sammelan’ called off amid protests by saints

Vrindavan ‘Nastik Sammelan’ called off amid protests by saints

  • Hemendra Chaturvedi, Hindustan Times, Agra
  • Updated: Oct 14, 2016
The much talked about ‘Nastik Sammelan’ (meet of atheists) could not be held in Vrindavan on Friday due to strong protests by saints and locals in the holy city.
Only a few people could enter the Shree Bindu Sewa Sansthan Ashram, the venue for the sammelan, on Parikrama Marg while others were not allowed entry by protesters.
Later, the organisers gave in writing that they were not organising the meet due to law and order concerns.
The two-day meet was to begin in the afternoon. However, the protest began early in the day and an effigy of Swami Balendu, the host of the meet, was burnt on Parikrama Marg. Even residents extended support to the protesting saints reaching the gate of the ashram. [. . .]