August 08, 2016

Newsletter of All India Secular Forum (August 2016)

Newsletter of All India Secular Forum
Volume. 11                      No.6                  August 2016

From the Editor’s Desk
Last month saw the use of cow as a polarizing symbol yet again. In Una, Gujarat, the Laboratory of Hindu Rashtra, the Cow vigilantes mercilessly beat dalits who were skinning a cow. This cow was incidentally killed by the lion. One BJP MLA is going round and defending this brutal act by saying that as to why do dalits kill the cow? This shows the blatant agenda of RSS-BJP of distorting the facts and then to appeal at emotive level. This is yet another shocking incident around cow-beef eating. While legislations about banning cow killing were brought early as well, with BJP regime in Delhi (May 2014) the followers of Hindu nationalism, are on the rampage in deepening their political agenda of polarizing the society. Incidentally cow serves them at political ground in multiple ways. First it helps them demonize the Muslims and targeting of Muslims has been scaled up. There are many incidents where people have been beaten up on the charge of eating or carrying beef. Law does not prohibit any such thing. The Chief Minister of Haryana a RSS Swayamsevak had openly asserted that those who want to eat beef should go to Pakistan. Many dalits have been done to death on the charge of skinning dead cow. While the top brass of RSS paid lip sympathy to the victims of cow vigilantes PM Narendra Modi has kept the eloquent silence to cater to his vote bank. The Cow issue has helped the RSS-BJP to take their Hindutva agenda forward. After Ram Temple issue this comes as a big weapon for them. Now in each village and locality the issue can be raked up to browbeat the dalits and Muslims. The rural economy is coming under strain is another aspect of the unfolding of RSS-BJP agenda.  
Ram Puniyani


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