June 08, 2016

Press release: Concerned Muslim men support demand for abolition of triple talaq, nikaah-halala as practiced in India

Muslim Men for Gender Justice
June 8, 2016 PRESS STATEMENT: In support of the demand for abolition of triple talaq and nikaah-halala as practiced in India
We, the undersigned, believe that gender equality and justice are human rights issues which must be as much a matter of concern for men as for women. If anything, it is more so men’s obligation to cry a halt to patriarchy, particularly when it is sought to be perpetuated in the name of God.
We therefore fully support the campaign launched by the Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan (BMMA) and other Muslim organisations and individuals for the abolition, and declaration as illegal, of triple talaq (instant divorce) and nikaah- halala as being practiced in India. We salute BMMA for its initiative in collecting 50,000 signatures from across the country in support of their demand, as also the Muslim women victims of instant divorce who are seeking justice from the Supreme Court of India.
While the triple talaq method of instant divorce is today banned in more than 21 Muslim majority countries, including Pakistan, it continues to be justified by the ulema in India as legally valid, even though theologically repugnant.
We categorically reject the false claim of the ulema that what goes in the name of Muslim Personal Law in India is a “God-given” law. As BMMA has rightly pointed out, there is no mention of the inhuman, unjust and anti-women instant talaq practice in the Quran. In fact, the Quran clearly stipulates an obligatory three- month period during which attempts must be made at reconciliation and mediation before severing of the marital bond.
Equally, triple talaq violates the Constitutional principles of gender parity and non-discrimination. Thus this obnoxious instant divorce practice is both un- Quranic and un-Constitutional.
The ulema who proudly proclaim that Islam is the first religion to have given rights to women are duty bound to ensure justice to women. We bemoan the fact that instead of doing so they continue to justify the Muslim male’s privilege of unilateral and instant divorce, often on a mere whim or fit of anger.
As for nikaah-halala, the way this Quranic position is misconstrued and misused in India is a shameful practice which is extremely degrading for women. Even if a husband utters the dread words ‘talaq, talaq, talaq’ in a fit of anger but regrets the same immediately thereafter, according to the ulema there is only one way for the couple to resume their relationship. Another man must marry the divorced woman, consummate the marriage and then divorce her so that she may remarry her former husband.
BMMA has even documented some cases where qazis not only justify and legitimise nikaah-halala, but even offer their own “services” as temporary husbands. What could be more disgraceful than this?
The least we expect from the ulema who have proved themselves unwilling and incapable of ending the shameful, anti-women practices of instant divorce and nikaah-halala is to stop perpetuating patriarchy in the name of religion.
The word ulema is supposed to mean a body of Muslim scholars who are recognised as having specialist knowledge of Islamic sacred law and theology. We demand that the ulema in India live up to that definition. They must stop making a mockery of their honorific and demonising Islam in the process.
Signatories in alphabetical order:
1. A.Amiruddin,RetiredProfessor,MadrasMedicalCollege,Chennai 2. A.Fatimi,Professor,AllahabadUniversity
3. A.Jawad,Advocate,Chennai

  1. A.Contractor,ProfessorandDean,CollegeofEngineering,Dhofar University, Salalah, Oman
  2. AamilShaikh,Businessman,Mumbai
  3. AbbasShamaelRizvi,Cinematographer,Photographer,Filmmaker
  4. AbdeMannanYusuf
  5. AbdulAzeem,Socialactivist,Delhi
  6. Abdulbhai,SocialActivist,Madurai
10. Abdul Mabood, Research scholar, AMU, Aligarh
11. Abdul Rauf Khan, Retd director, Rajasthan Education Board, Ajmer 12. Abdul Rauf Shaikh, Retired government officer, Mumbai.
13. Abdul Qader Mukadam, Social activist, Commentator, Mumbai 14. Abdul Qadri, Media Professional, Mumbai
15. Abdul Rais Khan , Retired station superintendent, Railways, Aligarh 16. Abu Bakht, Advocate, Allahabad
17. Adil Rauf Khan Software Engineer, TCS, Sydney and AMU alumnus 18. Afaque Azad, Sound Engineer
19. Ajmal Hasan, IT executive, Bengaluru
20. Akbar Joseph, Assistant professor, AMU, Aligarh
21. Akbar Monye, Refrigeration business, Mumbai
22. Akbar Shaikh, Social activist, Sholapur
23. Ali Javed (Dr), Professor, Delhi University
24. Akram Khan, Industrialist, Pune
25. AkramSalmani,Hairstylist,Mumbai
26. Ali, Hardware engineer, Mumbai
27. AliAsghar,Socialactivist,Hyderabad

28. Ali Lokhandwala, Builder, Mumbai
29. Amirullah (Dr), Assistant professor AMU, Aligarh
30. Amir Athar, Allahabad
31. Amir Rizvi: Communication designer, Mumbai
32. Amir Sheikh, Social Activist, Pune
33. Anis Shaikh, Automobile engineer, UAE
34. AnjumRajabali,Screenwriter,Mumbai
35. Anvar Rajan, Social activist, Pune
36. Anwar Hussain: Corporate executive, Mumbai
37. Anwar Shaikh, Retired police officer, Pune
38. Anwar Sheikh, Professor, Pune
Arif Parvaz,
40. Arif-ul-Islam, Professor, Dept. of Stats. & O.R., AMU, Aligarh 41. Asad Khan, Allahabad
42. Asad ur Rahman Kidwai, Delhi
43. AseemHasnain,Professor,USA
44. Asif Rauf Khan Engineer, Wipro, Noida
45. AsimSiddiqui,Professor,AMU,Aligarh
46. AshrafSyed(Dr),Ayurvedic,Pune
47. Aslam(Dr),Professor,AllahabadUniversity.
48. Aslam Khan, Political activist, Delhi
49. AslamKhan,Socialworker,Mumbai
50. AsrarBoqari,Student,Bengaluru
51. Asshar Farhan, Computer analyst, Hyderabad
52. Ayaz Memon, Senior journalist, Mumbai

53. Azhar Kazi, MBA professional, Mumbai
54. Azhar Khan, Social activist, Jalgaon
55. BashirMujawar,Journalist,Pune
56. Basheer Sheikh, Retired govt. servant, Pune
57. Burhaan Basheer, Research scholar, AMU, Aligarh 58. Danish Siddiqui, Research Scholar, AMU, Aligarh 59. Dilawar, Electrical engineer, UAE

60. Dilawar Sheikh, Advocate, Wai, Satara
61. F. M. Shajinde, Publisher, Latur
62. Faiz Ahmad, Education consultant, Chennai
63. Faiz Ahmad, Service, Ghaziabad, UP
64. Faizan Khan, Industrialist, Pune
65. Faraz Ahmad, Freelance journalist, Delhi
66. Farhan Rahman, Research scholar, Ranchi
67. Farouk Mapkar, Social activist, Mumbai
68. Feroze Abbas Khan: Theatre director, Mumbai
69. Feroze Mithiborwala, Social activist, Mumbai
70. Firoz Ashraf, Social activist, journalist, Mumbai
71. Gauhar Raza, Scientist, poet, social activist, film maker, Delhi 72. Ghulam Mohiyuddin Faruki, Physician
73. H. M. Mustafa, Social Activist, Calicut
74. Hamid Ali, Business, Rampur, UP
75. Hamza Safina Taufiq, MBA, Saudi Arabia
76. Hasan Kamaal: Senior journalist, poet, lyricist, Mumbai
77. Hasan Pasha Ibrahim, Writer, journalist, Bengaluru.

78. Hilal Ahmed (Dr), Asst. professor, CSDS, Delhi 79. Hummam, Research Scholar, AMU, Aligarh 80. Hunaid Wajihi, CA student, Pune
81. Husain Ahmed, Businessman, Pune

82. Husain Kanchwala, Engineer, Pune
83. Huzaifa Dilawar, Interior designer, Pune
84. Imran Khan, Assistant general manager, Delhi
85. Imran Sheikh, Computer specialist, Pune
86. Imtiyaz Shaikh, Contractor, Mumbai
87. I.N. Baig, Journalist, Nipani, Karnataka
88. Iqbal Niazi, Playwright, Mumbai
89. Irfan Ahmad, Service, Engineer, Vadodara, Gujrat
90. Irfan Engineer, Social activist, Mumbai
91. Irfan Khan, Web master, Mumbai
92. Irshad Ahmad, Lucknow
93. J. Thajudeen, Entrepreneur, Karaikal, Pondicherry
94. Jafar Mukri, Businessman, Mumbai
95. Jamal Kidwai, Social activist, Delhi
96. JavedAnand:Socialactivist,journalist,Mumbai
97. Javed Siddiqi: (Screen/dialogue writer, playwright), Mumbai 98. K.Moulasha,ProgramManager,PraxisInstitute,Chennai 99. K. Mohammed Abdul Kader, Assistant professor, Chennai

  1. K. Seyadh Gani – Hotel Manager, Karaikal, Pondicherry
  2. K. Sheikh Ismail - Entrepreneur, Karaikal, Pondicherry
  3. Kader Qazi: Creative director, Television, Mumbai
  1. Kareem Ansari, Social activist, Hyderabad
  2. Kareem Sait, Businessman, Chennai
  3. Kashif Hasan, Writer, Kolkatta
  4. Kasim Sait, Businessman, Chennai
  5. Khalil Deshmukh, Social Activist, Jalgaon
  6. Khanbhai, Garage owner, Mumbai
  7. Komoruzzaman Ahmed, Retired engineer, Social Worker. Guwahati
  8. Latif Shaikh, TV actor, Mumbai
  9. Liyakat Kazi, Driver, Mumbai
  10. M. Mohammed Sabeer, Salesman, Karaikal, Pondicherry
  11. Mazhar Kamran, Documentary films, cinematographer, Mumbai
  12. Manzar Usmani, Patna
  13. Majid Moulvi, Businessman, Pune
  14. Mehboob Sheikh, Social Activist, Pune
  15. Mehdi Bakht, School principal, Varanasi
  16. Minaj Sayyad, Social activist and businessman, Satara
  17. Mir Jeelan Hussain, Student, Bengaluru
  18. Mohammad Khalique, Entrepreneur, (Delhi)
  19. Mohammed Ghouse Laik, Social Activist, Nipani, Karnataka
  20. Mohammad Imran, Social Activist, USA
  21. Mohammad Rauf, Social Activist, Lucknow
  22. Mohd. Sabit Hasan (Dr), Opthalmologist, Champaran, Bihar
  23. Mohd. Amir, Service, Ghaziabad
  24. Mohd. Asif, Service, Ghaziabad, UP
  25. Mohd. Umar, Businessman, Ghaziabad, UP
  1. Moinullah Khan, Businessman, Chennai
  2. Mufid Sheikh, Businessman, Pune
  3. Muhib ul haq (Dr), Associate professor AMU, Aligarh
  1. Munir Mulla, Social activist, Sangli
  2. Munir Syed, Social Activist, Panvel
  3. Munir Tamboli, Reformist, Baramati
  4. Mushir Ahmed, Engineer, Allahabad
  5. Mustafa Kayamkhani, Businessman, Coimbatore
  6. N.M. Qureshi, Electrical engineer, Indore
  7. N. P. Ashley, Assistant professor, St. Stephen's College, Delhi
  8. Nadeem, Driver, Aligarh
  9. Nadeem Hasnain (Dr), Editor, Islam and Muslim Societies, Lucknow.
  10. Nasiruddin Haider Khan, Journalist, Lucknow
  11. Nisar Ansari, Accounts head, Mumbai
  12. Nisar Solanki, Churu, Rajasthan
  13. Noorul Islam, Allahabad
  14. P. A. Kader, Social activist, Mangalore
  15. Parvez, Librarian, AMU, Aligarh
  16. Rafiq Mulani, Social activist
  17. Rahman Abbas: Fiction writer, Mumbai
  18. Rais Ahmed, Businessman, Allahabad
  19. Rais Ahmad, Service, Ghaziabad (UP)
  20. Raisuddin, Service, Ghaziabad, UP
  21. Rashid Ali, Social Activist, Hyderabad
Mujtaba Lokhandwala, Author, trainer, activist
, Pune
  1. Rashid Nehal (Dr) , Director, Kishanganj Centre, AMU
  2. Rashid Sheikh, Banking, Pune
  3. Raza Hasnain, former IAS, country head, Cargill India
  4. Resul Pookutty, Oscar Award Winner, Sound design
  5. Rizwan Khan, Teacher, Lucknow
  6. S. Amir Bashir, Allahabad
  7. S.Q. Masood, Social activist, Hyderabad
  8. S.F.A. Naqvi, Advocate, Allahabad
  9. Saadat Ullah Qureshi, Engineer, Rajasthan Electricity Board
  10. Sabir Ali, Service, Ghaziabad, UP
  11. Sabir Khan, Jaipur
  12. Sadat Ali Khan Zai, Professor, Bangalore University
  13. Sadiqu-ur-Rahman Kidwai, Retired professor, Delhi
  14. Sadruddin Sheikh, Trustee, Shadvel Dargah, Pune
  15. Saeed Mirza: Film-maker, Mumbai
  16. Sahil, Jaipur
  17. Saif Kidwai, Journalist, Delhi
  18. Saleem Khandba, Advocate, social activist, Bhiwandi
  19. Saleem Kidwai, Lucknow
  20. Saleem Parvez, Service, Delhi
  21. Salim Pinjari, Journalist, Pune
  22. Salim Sheikh, Turner & die maker, Pune
  23. Salim Sheikh, Advocate, Paltan, Satara
  24. Sallaudin Moosa, Operation head, BPO, Mumbai
  25. Salman Shaikh, TV actor, Mumbai
  1. Sameer Dilawar Shaikh, Social activist
  2. Samir Ahmed, Jaipur
  3. Samta Nadeem, Lighting designer, Mumbai
  4. Shabi Hashmi
  5. Shadab Arab, Research Scholar, Mumbai
  6. Shadab Rashid (Editor, Urdu magazine, Naya Warq) , Mumbai
  7. Shafaat Khan, Marathi playwright, Mumbai
  8. Shaikh Mohammed Hussain, Social activist, Mumbai
  9. Shahbaz Khan, Social worker, Mumbai
  10. Shahnawaz Alam, Teacher, Allahabad
  11. Shaibaaz Mulla, Business, Mumbai
  12. Shakil Ahmed, Advocate, social activist, Mumbai
  13. Shamim Abbas, Urdu poet, Mumbai
  14. Shamsul Islam, Academic, social activist, Delhi
  15. Sharuk Khan, Businessman, Jaipur
  16. Sohail Akbar, Ass. Professor, Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi
  17. Sohail Ishaq, Office assistant, AMU, Aligarh
  18. Sufian Syed, Marketing, Abu Dhabi
  19. Sultan Shahin, Editor, New Age Islam, Delhi
  20. Syed A R Zaidi, Retired professor,
  21. Syed Ata Hasnain (Lieutenant general, retired)
  22. Syed Mehboob Shah Qadri, Reformist, Pune
  23. Syed Riyaz Rahim, Urdu poet, Mumbai
  24. Taizoon Khorakiwala, Businessman, Mumbai
  25. Talat Jaani, Film & TV director, Mumbai
  1. Tanveer Ajsi, Arts professional, Bangalore
  2. Tanvir Aeijaz, Associate professor, University of Delhi
  3. Tanvir Sheikh, Engineering student, Pune
  4. Tarique Iqbal, CEO, Mumba Books India, Mumbai
  5. Usman Ali, Business, Rampur, UP
  6. Umar Aman, Student, Delhi
  7. Usman Dhamaskar, Businessman, Mumbai
  8. Usman Mehandi, Student, Purkazi,
  9. Waseem A Mullah, Blogger/writer, Jharkhand
  10. Wasim Qureshi, Information technology, Jaipur
  11. Yousuf Saeed, Filmmaker/writer, New Delhi
  12. Yusuf Parmar (Haji), Social activist, Mumbai
  13. Zaan Khan, TV actor, Mumbai
  14. Zabiullaha, Service (retd.), Ghaziabad, UP
  15. Zafar Bakht, PIPFPD, Allahabad
  16. Zafer Ali Khan Zai, Physician, Mysuru
  17. Zafer Mohiuddin, Playwright, Karnataka
  18. Zia-ul-Haq, Social activist, Allahabad
  19. Zaheer Ahmed Sayeed (Dr.), Neurologist, Chennai
  20. Zaheer Mirzaa, Creative director, Advertising
  21. Zahid Ali, TV actor, Mumbai
  22. Zahir Sheikh, Advocate Paltan, Satara
  23. Zakir Attar, Advocate, Pune
  24. Zakir Maniar, Advocate, Pune
  25. Zubair Shaikh, Student, Mumbai