May 17, 2016

Pakistan: Right Wing Religious Alliance vows to Protect Blasphemy Law . . . .

The News International

Religious alliance vows to protect blasphemy law
May 17, 2016

RAWALPINDI: The National Nizam-e-Mustafa Conference, held here on Monday, resolved not to allow any amendment in the blasphemy law and declared that the everlasting sacrifice made by Mumtaz Qadri on this score would not be allowed to go waste.

The moot attended by representatives of all religious parties appreciated the Punjab government’s offer for talks on the draft of the alternate law prepared by Ulema and religious parties on women protection but slated the delay in these talks. It warned that any law repugnant to the Shariah won’t be tolerated and demanded immediate repeal of the disputed law.

The conference condemned violations of the international law and human rights by the Bangladesh government through the so-called war crimes trials and the execution of senior JI leaders including Maulana Motiur Rahman Nizami. It said Maulana Nizami had been an ally of the Hasina Wajid government and a member of the BD parliament in the past.

Appreciating the Turkish government step to recall its envoy from Bangladesh, the conference urged the Pakistan government to approach the International Court of Justice for the violation of the Tripartite Agreement of 1974 and break diplomatic ties with Dhaka.

The conference condemned the propaganda against madrassas and linking them with terrorism. It firmly believed that none of the madrassas was involved in terrorism. It called for ending this propaganda and immediate release of the ulema and religious parties’ workers detained in the operation. It also called for making serious efforts for the release of Dr Aafia Siddiqi.

The conference condemned the bloodshed going on in Syria and said this was an enemy conspiracy against Islam and the Muslims. The moot slated the government efforts to befriend India pushing the Kashmir issue to the backburner. It termed the arrest of a serving Indian army officer and other RAW agents spying in the country an eye-opener and demanded prompt steps to shatter RAW’s network in the country especially Balochistan. The moot demanded an end to the promotion of Indian culture and vulgarity through the media.