May 24, 2016

Indian: Withdraw 'divyang' for 'viklang' for Peoples with Disabilities (PWD) - Petition to the Prime Minister

We undersigned demand withdrawal of terminology 'divyang' for 'viklang' for Peoples with Disabilities (PWD), as announced by department of empowerment of people with disabilities. Disability is not a ' DIVINE' gift and phrases like ' divyang' in no way ensures de-stigmatisation or end to discrimination on grounds of disability .It is a joke in poor taste to use the word #Divyang (Divine) in a country where PWDs can't even enter a place of worship Dignity, accommodation and recognition of their rights as equal and productive citizens are what persons with disabilities long for and not any change in nomenclature.What needs to be addressed are stigma, discrimination and marginalisation that persons with disabilities are subjected to on account of the cultural, social, physical and attitudinal barriers that hinder their effective participation in the country’s economic, social and political life.