March 17, 2016

Secular Action Network -March 2016

Newsletter of All India Secular Forum Volume. 11 No.2 March 2016 C O N T E N T S Editorial 1. CSSS News Cultural Evening on Peace and Harmony 2. JNU Episode - स्मृति ईरानी को एक जे-एन-यू के छात्र की चिट्ठि -Why is the media not reporting Kanhaiyas’s Speech? 3. Intolerance in India - Amnesty International Annual Report Condemns ‘growing intolerance in India’ 4. Interview -Interview with Yogendra Yadav, the distinguished social scientists and psephologist 5. Resources - What are the origins of today’s Hindu nationalism? - Hindu Unity – VD Savarkar, who coined the term Hindutva - The real classroom: Outdoor lectures dissect nationalism at JNU - Film on 30th January 1948 - Communalism explained video - Celebrating the assassin of Gandhi - Kanhaiya speech in JNU after release - From the Editor’s Desk The country witnessed the spectacle of manufacturing ‘Anti Nationalism’ into an equivalent of what Prophet is in some countries. Shouting anti-National slogans is being constructed as an act of blasphemy for which the storm trooper can indulge in violence against the accused while police and state can be the silent bystanders or encouraging force. The attack of state-Sangh combine on JNU is the un-foldment of the intolerant attitude on one side and creation of another tool for demonization of those who stand for secular-democratic values. The use of doctored videos, the manipulation of state controlled police and the planned attack on JNU students is something which was never witnessed here. Even during emergency it was the authoritarian state power which tried to snub those against politics of ruling government. Now the added factor of communal politics is that it can unleash the ideologically indoctrinated mobs to physically attack. This is what is the difference between the authoritarian state and state controlled by communal forces. JNU has been the citadel of progressive liberal values and so this attack has been planned to stifle the dissenting voices and progressive ideologies. This is akin to many a regime which was fascist. The propaganda is at the service of this sectarian ideology and through different conduits the lumpen elements supported by this communal force take up violence. The machinations in JNU are also an attempt to divert the attention from the issue of Rohith Vemula. The redeeming feature is the response of majority of students-teachers in JNU. The ‘teach-ins’ started there and the meeting where Kanaiyaa gave electrifying speech are features which are the hope for future. - Link http://www.csss-isla.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/SAN-March-2016-new-1.pdf