March 10, 2016

India - Maharashtra: Three wheeler auto rickshaws drivers at risk in Bombay after Raj Thackeray, the right wing chauvinist calls to target immigrant workers

  1. MNS Chief Raj Thackeray warns autos with new permits will be set on fire
  2. Parties want hate speech case against him
  3. Maharashtra doesn’t belong to anyone's father: Bihar's Tejaswi Yadav
Mumbai: Raj Thackeray, a seasoned practitioner of calls to target immigrant workers in Mumbai, must be punished for his latest hate speech, some parties in Maharashtra have demanded.
Yesterday, Mr Thackeray said three-wheelers with new permits will be set on fire because he alleged that nearly 70 per cent of  the  auto-rickshaws  recently cleared to run on Mumbai's roads belong to non-Maharashtrians.
"If any such auto with a new permit is seen plying on the road, those sitting inside will be asked to come out and the auto will be set on fire," he said in a speech on the 10th anniversary of his party being founded.[. . .]