February 14, 2016

India: Contents and link ot Newsletter of All India Secular Forum, Februaru 2016

Newsletter of All India Secular Forum

Volume. 11 No.1 February 2016



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Report of Youth Camp on Peace

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Report of Peace Walk

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- India’s Not so Hidden Aporthied

- Dalit Students as victims of Instituional Casteism

in India

- A letter that should shake our world: Dalit

scholar suicide tiggers outrage.

-Hindutva Forces Disrupt Christmas Celebrations in


- A Note on Hindu

4. Protests

-People’s march in defence of the republic

- Protest march against religious intolerance

- Justice for Rohit Vermula

- Indian Muslims against ISIS

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- तुम बिल्कुल हम जैसे निकले

6. Remembering a friend and comrade

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- Interview with Javed Anand

- Interview with John Dayal

- Interview with Sandeep Pandey

- Interview with Ranjan Palit

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From the Editor’s Desk

Rohith Vemula’s death has brought to fore the agenda of Hindutva once again. While the RSS combine has been trying its best to co-opt Dr. Ambedkar in recent times, this tragic event has come as a reminder of the real agenda of RSS combine. Rohith, a member of Ambedkar student Association was active in the association. The highlight of the activities has been screening of the film Muzzafarnagar Baki hai, opposition to death penalty to Yaqub Memon, and celebration of beef festival amongst others. All this annoyed the ABVP, which has been growing its clout in most of the campuses in India since Modi Sarkar has come to power. ABVP put pressure on MHRD through local BJP MP, who is member of the central cabinet. This resulted in the stoppage of his fellowship and his expulsion from the hostel

Different wings of Hindutva politics are trying to project that he was not a dalit, that it was not a dalit issue. Some of the videos on social media are sensationalizing that Rohith was supporter of terrorism (opposition to Yaqub Memon Hanging). The peak of this has come in the form of propaganda that he committed suicide to atone his sin of having been associated with the left student organizations. The responses of Hindu right are a shrewd and clever attempt to hide their core agenda of subjugating the rights of dalits, while sounding to be taking up their cause. On the other hand there is great amount of resistance movement in the form of campaigns Morchas and Dharnas in demanding justice for Rohith. There is a tremendous response to these protests all over the country. The real color and agenda of RSS associates is out in the open for all to see.

Ram Puniyani