November 17, 2015

India: Launch of anti fascist platform Fasivadi Virodhi Manch announced (18 Nov 2015, Press Club of India, New Delhi)


Dear Sir/ Madam,

People from various disciplines are coming to together to launch an anti fascist platform at the Press Club of India from 3.30-5.30pm On November 18, 2015

We feel that It is time that all those committed to values of pluralism, democracy and equality, need to stand together to protest against the erosion of the values of our Constitution. The very Idea of India, democratic, Secular and compassionate, is under threat with the policies which are being unleashed in an aggressive way. We need to uphold the values of Secularism, which has been the cementing factor of our Freedom movement, which has been the core spirit of our Indian Nation.

We are launching to build resistance against attacks on the rich and diverse nature of the Indian nation. It is conceived as a platform to resist the attacks on our constitutional values, rationality, democracy, communal harmony, freedom of expression and secularism.

We request you to kindly depute a reporter and a photographer to kindly cover the programme.

Apoorvanand, John Dayal, Ali Javed, Ram Sharan Joshi, Shabnam Hashmi

Tel: 011-41670722