October 15, 2015

Secular Action Network-October Issue -Link

Link http://www.csss-isla.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/SAN-October-2015-new-1.pdf http://www.csss-isla.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/SAN-October-2015-new-1.pdf Newsletter of All India Secular Forum Volume. 10 No.10 October 2015 C O N T E N T S Editorial 1. CSSS News Study Circle Training programme on Peace and Conflict Resolution 2. Articles 25th Anniversary of Bhagalpur Riots - Dr. Suresh Khairnar xkSHkDrksa ds uke [kqyk i= &,y-,l- gjnsfu;k 3. Poems चुप रहैं दंगे चल रहे हैं India-Catching up with Pakistan 4. The Bajrangi Bhaijaan Moment 5. Initiative 6. Seeking Justice 7. Investigation 8. Stanford Scholar casts new light on Hindu- Muslim relations 9. Resources Karen Armstrong Interview “Religion and History of Violence” -------------------------------- Ph. 022-26149668, 022-26135098 E-mail: csss2work@gmail.com Editor: Ram Puniyani, ram.puniyani@gmail.com, www.pluralindia.com Advisory Board: L.S. Hardenia, Irfan Engineer, Dhirendra Panda, Mohammad Arif. From the Editor’s Desk The mob lynching in Dadri on the ground that Mohammad Akhlaq had stored/eaten beef is the new and worse phase of communalism in India. The way communal violence has been orchestrated so far, in the same way this incident had also been planned as per the citizen’s investigation report is a revelation. Prior to 2014 elections Narendra Modi had raised the issue of beef and cow slaughter in a subtle and communal way. Cow has been an important tool in the hands of communal forces. After the total use of Ram temple issue for polarizing society now “mother cow” is being used to incite the people. A mass hysteria around the issue has been created over a period of close to a century and now it has been made a part of the broad social perception. Beef has been part of Indian dietary traditions as shown by the scholars of early India. It was during freedom movement that this issue was brought to the forefront. Now again the divisive forces are targeting the Muslim minority on this issue. On the heels of this mob lynching other incidents have been triggered around this issue, burning of vans on the suspicion of carrying beef, beating up of people on this suspicion are coming to notice. This can be a very explosive issue unless we control it in time. The truth of beef in Indian dietary history needs to be brought forward. Freedom for choice of food in a plural society needs to be preserved in accordance with the values of Indian Constitution. Ram Puniyani (Editor)