October 27, 2015

India: Modi's 'jumla' nailed: how the BJP tampered with reservations in the past (Bharat Bhushan)

Amit Shah, president of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) claims that when political leaders speak in public meetings, they often become "emotional" and that "their statements should not be taken with full stop, comma and all."

How then should one understand Prime Minister Narendra Modi's repeated claim that BJP governments have never tinkered with reservations, during his election rallies in Bihar?

His declaration that no BJP government has ever diluted the reservations policy nor will it do so in future, is as blatant an untruth as one can get, with or without commas and full stops.
Rajnath Singh's move

In 2001, in Uttar Pradesh the BJP government led by the then Chief Minister Rajnath Singh tried to dilute and change the existing reservations policy. The measures tried to create fissures within the OBCs and the Scheduled Castes by sub-dividing the reservations quotas by creating sub-groups.

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