October 01, 2015

India: Short note on CPI(M) leaders visit to village of Dadri to meet the family members of Akhlaq, who was killed by a lynch mob

via Facebook (sunand singh's post)

A CPI (M) delegation comprising of Com. Brinda Karat, Polit Bureau member, Com. KM Tiwari, Secretary, Delhi State Committee, Com. Nathu Prasad, Com. Sahba Farooqui (State secretariat members) and Com. Gangeshwar Dutt Sharma (State Committee member) along with other local leaders and activists went to Bisahara village of Dadri and met the family members of Akhlaq, who was killed by a mob over the rumour that the family ate beef. 58 year old Akhlaq worked as a lohar (blacksmith) and the family is so poor that they couldn't afford to give qurbaani on the day of Bakr-id. Delegation also later went to visit Akhlaq's son Danish who was grievously injured and is admitted in Kailash Hospital. Brinda Karat, while addressing a press conference later on demanded that SP led UP government should ensure strict action against the perpetrators of the heinous crime. She also reminded how Modi's reference to 'Pink Revolution' during the election campaign in 2014 has turned out to be part and parcel of the RSS-BJP's plan of communal polarization.

( Akhlaq's other son, Sartaaj, works in Indian Air force and there can't be a bigger slap on the face of these so-called nationalists, than what Sartaaj has to say for them : " The attackers can't be patriots. If they are patriots then they should go and fight at the border and not instigate people to fight against each other." )