July 29, 2004

Gujarat VHP founder Felicitated by Govt [News Report]

Chennai Online
July 29, 2004
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Spectator takes saffron brigade by surprise

Ahmedabad, July 29: Notwithstanding the presence of former deputy prime minister L K Advani and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, a spectator at state government organised function yesterday took the entire saffron brigade by surprise by shouting at the announcer to conduct the programme in Gujarati and not Sanskrit as being done.

The programme, organised to felicitate renowned Sanskrit scholar and founder of Vishwa Hindu Parishad in Gujarat, K K Shastri, on turning 100 years, was being conducted in Sanskrit, apparently as a pre-planned schedule in accordance with true Hindu rituals.

But the Sanskrit language seemingly did not amuse an old man who suddenly stood up and asked the announcer to conduct the proceedings in Gujarati (so that everyone could follow).

The announcer was then asked to repeat the same in Gujarati, which he did throughout the remaining programme.

The unanticipated way of request however prompted a state BJP office bearer to comment, "it seems he is a communist; a pseudo-secularist". The comment however went unnoticed.

Later, many heads turned towards the man, who made this request, when Advani while taking a dig at Hindutva baiters said "making Sanskrit mandatory in MA would result in a storm of protests all over the country by people who would term it as saffronisation of education".

The old man was however seen calm and composed after his request, though made in a style not gelling with the occasion, was heeded to. (Agencies)
Published: Thursday, July 29, 2004